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InsideAIR: A behind the wire view of the RAF, its people, technology and operations.

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Jan 5, 2021

Going on ops can boost to your tan and your pay, but the package can also include stress, danger and physical hardship, leaving you asking yourself some hefty questions.

We spoke with RAF Chaplain, Padre Rebekah who told us how developing spiritual resilience can help.

'Madre' Rebekah

Also in this episode is 'Reheat'; a catch up on...

Jan 5, 2021

Electronic devices on Earth, in space and even in our pockets constantly generate masses of data. Gaining information advantage by using all this data has become the challenge. We speak with Air Commodore Jez Holmes and Professor Patrick Baker from the RAF Rapid Capabilities Office to find out whether artificial...

Dec 24, 2020

Space is an ever-changing domain and in this episode we speak to Flight Lieutenant Ryan Holden, Officer Commanding Mission Tactics Flight at Royal Air Force Fylingdales in North Yorkshire. Ryan explains why everyone should take an interest in space, how nations are co-operating and where space fits into the battlefields...